Polaroid pops challenge, day 12,13, and 14

This is my 5th post for fun Polaroid pops challenge, :)

It is AALL & create whole month long challenge:
one polaroid per day using Janet Klein stamps,
each day having a different theme.

Day 12 "Read a good book"
Stamp sets #479 and #64
Really love how this turned out.

Day 13 "Good to be home"
Stamp sets #316, #286 and #155

Day 14 "Wonderland, off to see Wizard"
Stamp set #505
When I started this challenge, I decided just
use the stamps I already have, but UPS,
I just happened to buy this one, LOL

Like Vera Line images? You should hop in FB and 
see all the wonderful polaroid
pops people are making

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