Growing In Unity Day 1

I'm so super excited and totally 
thrilled, the week that I've been 
waiting for almost an year is finally here.

I have the honor of being the "Growing In Unity gal" (GUI)! 
So from Monday through Friday this week 
I'll be featuring fabulous Unity stamps.
I hope you'll like my makes and visit often and write a comment;
because someone will be winning some awesome 
red rubber Unity stamps, YAY!! 
So hop to my blog, leave a comment, and you might win!!!!

For today I made some teabag art using
beautiful Poppies stamp (I got this stamp from
a surprise bag - they are really worth the money)

For the first card I just stamped the image using
brown Distress Ink.

I placed a piece of paper under the teabag so that the 
image would show better.

For a second card I stamped the image on the teabag
and also to the paper I was placing under it.

I roughly colored the image going under.

And it gave nice soft color to the flowers.

For a third card I colored my teabag poppies
with Inktense pens. Teabag don't handle rubbing
very well, so if you do this, be gentle with your brush.

Thank you so much for hopping to my blog today,
I hope to see you again tomorrow.

32 kommenttia:

  1. Very pretty cards!
    stamping sue

  2. Your cards got better and better the more I saw :-) I especially love the last one with the Inktense pencils. That is not the result that I would have expected...but it is so beautiful. Can't wait to see what else you create this week. Congrats to a great start.

  3. Love the vintage look of these cards. Well done 👍🏻

  4. You’re day 1 cards are lovely, can’t wait till tomorrow! 😊

  5. Beautiful work! I am working on teabags for the first time now. Love your tips & finished cards!!! Congrats on your GIU week!

  6. Such a pretty stamp - love your teabag cards

  7. I just love these cards. I have some tea bags that I have been saving to stamp on and the idea of putting a colored image behind them is so beautiful that I will have to try it. My first year as a GIU gal was at this time too and it is so hard to wait that long. Enjoy each day because it goes by so quickly.

  8. I love the idea of stamping on tea bags. I have never tried this. Going to need to do some research on what to do. Very pretty work

  9. Your card is beautiful. I am going to buy some tea bags to try this technique out. I love the colors and the vintage distressed look. Can't wait for more of your creation!

  10. Great stamps! I love all your designs, but the red one is my favorite. Great job. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. What a gorgeous technique using the tea bags. I especially love the one you didn't color. I think the poppies are pretty enough to stand on their own. Beautiful cards, thanks for sharing your talents.

  12. The card in red is just absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!!

  13. These are beautiful! How do you get the tea bag? Have never seen this done and need to know--your cards are all so pretty!!

    1. Thank you! There is several YouTube "how to" videos, I liked this one:

  14. Your cards are gorgeous! I can't pick a favorite... I love them all! Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

  15. This is beautiful! I love the vintage look! And what a gorgeous stamp set to use!

  16. I just love these!! Great inspiration, I need to give this a try!!

  17. Love your cards & use of tea bags!! It's been on my "try this" list! Thank you for the inspiration!

  18. WOW absolutely gorgeous cards! I think my favorite card is the last one done it like reds and brownish colors! I love the vintage style to it! And I love your using the tea bags too! Very creative!

  19. Congratulations on becoming a GIU girl. Beautiful work! So very nice to see somebody else who uses tea bags too. Love how you've incorporated them into your pieces.

  20. Many many congrats Sari, well done! This one is gorgeous!

  21. love the flower stamp and the different ways you used them.


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